Clean beaches. BeachTech cleaning equipment features tractor-towed, self propelled and walk behind for beach cleaning and sand sifting.

The demand for drinking water is particularly high in densely populated areas. Slow sand filtration can significantly increase the volume of water available for extraction without causing a severe drop in the groundwater level. Waterworks close to rivers and lakes often make use of this natural cleaning process, channelling surface water into large man-made infiltration basins. It trickles through the layers of sand into the gravel courses, which act as filters. The filtered water ultimately feeds into underground wells. The large sand filtration areas, however, become overgrown with plants and algae because of the continual watering. Accordingly, the surface must be cleaned at regular intervals.

The BeachTech powerful pick-up motor enables the machine to loosen the ground and reduce plant growth at the same time. In contrast to conventional procedures, use of BeachTech technology means nothing is removed over the years. The combined raking and screening technology removes up to 80 % of weeds and filter residue, radically increasing the service life of the filtration systems. The aeration of the sand also significantly reduces bacterial density.

We are proud to say that we have supplied one of the best Beach Cleaning Machines to Ananthara Resorts(Banana Island) & Sealine Beach Resort in Qatar.


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